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Welcome to the Metalachi Podcast. Metalachi is the World’s First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band. Born in Juarez, Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles, CA, Metalachi is now based out of Hollywood, CA and consists of 4 brothers and 1 sister (not all have the same parentage). This inaugural podcast has final hit the internet radio waves for Metalachi Nation to get closer and much more personal with the band members El Cucuy, Vega de la Rockha, Paco Halen, Nacho Picante, and Kyla Vera. In Episode 1, witness their crazy antics, Chichi chatter, fart or Pedo detectives, answers from fans that posted questions on Facebook, and just vatos being loco. This show was mainly recorded on the road from the band’s piece of shit vehicle, El Squirrely, while on tour in Colorado.

The Crazy vatos and vata of Metalachi share a few stories that actually happened on stage during a live show. They also announce up coming shows for August 2016 and send best wishes to a few random fans that are celebrating their birthdays this week. Paco tries to take a selfie with a bear, and Nacho Picante also feels overwhelmed by Taco Festivals…

The Loco Vatos are at it again! This time with Special Guest Pancho Rockafeller, who was one of the original members of the band before he sold his position to Nacho Picante for some weed and a furry kitten. In this episode, the gang tells stories of Dating horrors and glee. Nacho goes deep. Kyla tells her stories of tree hugging and Paco crosses the line!

The crazy vatos are at it again! This time with special guests Bella the promiscuous merchandise girl and a cameo appearance by the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In episode 4, a fans question is answered about what the band does when they are not on stage. El Cucuy gets emotional, Vega trips, and the clan explains what is Meat Injection, all due to off-stage antics. Also, homage is paid to two influential artists that passed away this week, Gene Wilder and Juan Gabriel.

In the crazy Episode 5 of the Metalachi Podcast, the band searches for interesting jobs around the world in the event that they must do something else beyond Metalachi. From shit divers, to horse masturbator, to safe crackers….and more! Metalachi also shares stories of their recent East Coast adventures and Nacho has sex with pizza. Special guest of the week: Grim Lord, Metalachi’s Light Tech and resident demon.

An election like this may only happen once in a lifetime, so Metalachi tackles some of the most important issues in a very bad way. Vega and Cucuy, along with special guest Pancho Rockefeller, who has an emotional connection with Prop 64, which will make weed legal in California. The vatos also take on the Presidents, the drugs companies, the Condom loving Porn Star industry, and old bags. It’s hard to get Metalachi to act professional at anything, but this one sounds close! Songs include Crazy Train, Run to the Hills, and Breaking the Law.

Let’s rewind a week or so to the week after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. Vega and Cucuy shed some tears, but can’t deny being curious on what El Vato Trump will do. Special guest Pancho Rockefeller celebrates the legalization of mota in California, and Bella the Merch Girl brings her chichis back to the show! Cucuy also continues to announce his candidacy for the 2020 election and chooses Bella as his running mate.

***Metalachi recorded portion of this episode while streaming on Facebook Live for the first time. Although the live stream had over 33,000 views, it got a little too hectic for the video-less podcast. Look for live fan-band interaction soon during an episode coming soon!!!

Feliz Navidad!!! In this very entertaining episode, Metalachi broadcasts from the road in Texas, bringing Xmas stories to the table as well as never heard before music. Kyla and Paco rejoin the show with Kyla portraying how disturbed she really is…. Fans answer what it would be like if Santa Claus was Mexican! Tamale Rain debuts during this episode as well as a special Xmas time duet between Kyla and El Cucuy. Also featured is a special Xmas song by local LA musician Mofi, who will be a special guest on Episode 9. Check out Mofi at or download his music on itunes and CDbaby.

In the last and longest Podcast of 2016, this crazy episode features many things you don’t want to miss! In a full studio, 6 members of the family (Cucuy, Vega, Nacho, Kyla, Paco, and Pancho) discuss the highs and lows of 20-Shiteen and welcome a few surprises for the year 2017. The band discusses some of the many famous folk that died this year, Vega’s ass sings, Cucuy may end up in jail again, Paco gets the best gift ever, Kyla preps for Whore-races, and Nacho stays awake. Musical selections from the new album “Dos” are included. Don’t forget to check out the supplemental podcast – a one on one segment between Cucuy and special guest Mofi.

Metalachi welcomes special guest actor/comedian/musician Mofi to the podcast. Cucuy is one on one with Mofi so as to eliminate some of the caca mouths from the band, but Cucuy himself struggles to keep the segment PG. Mofi gives Cucuy a rap lesson and discusses his new Xmas album. Take a listen folks and check out!